The Account Management Services system produces measurable results for its clients.

The AMS team has built its reputation by improving its clients’ revenue cycle in the healthcare, consumer lending, and commercial markets. The solutions we offer include early out pre-collect programs, accounts receivable clean-up projects, contingency collections, skip tracing services, and litigation management.

Since 1999, our services have helped clients liquidate receivable portfolios both large and small. Clients have entrusted us with projects involving simple and complex portfolios. We take the necessary time to understand our client’s business and match the portfolio with the best qualified account manager on staff. This ensures that their return with us will be maximized.

The depth of experience and proven results that our team offers to the revenue management industry is well documented. With a core executive group that’s worked together for more than a decade, we are confident that we can provide the resources and expertise necessary to serve as your professional recovery team at a fraction of the cost. Our services function in a seamless fashion, integrating smoothly with your business processes.

In this era of economic turbulence, excessive regulation and an ever-changing technology and business climate, you need a collection partner that will provide you with solid, sustainable results. That’s what AMS brings to the table.


Commitment to increasing revenue while remaining compliant

Account Management Services has the tools to increase your revenue through proven and effective debt recovery methods. Our employees are regularly trained in the areas that help to make them both professional and compliant:

  • Data security
  • FCRA

Account Management Services has a process that produces results. The commitment to improving our client’s’ revenue cycle, while maintaining compliance with all state and federal laws, is built into our culture. Additionally, we are continually aware that the positive reputation we build with our clients and their customer base is the foundation of our success. Because of this, most of our business comes from referrals. We know that the foundation of success is based on lasting relationships and a high level of trust, expertise, and results. Therefore, we strive to build those types of relationships with our clients and instill confidence that the staff at Account Management Services will always exceed your expectations.

We understand that our ability to keep pace with technology is a critical requirement in our capacity to service our clientele. Our systems, servers, and programs are continually upgraded to ensure maximum flexibility. Our IT team works diligently to maintain our ability to quickly adapt to our clients’ needs while maintaining data integrity, reporting functions and security.

Entrusting Account Management Services with your collections will provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that we will integrate with your business office in a manner that allows us to act as your in-house recovery service. We will work hard to recover your uncollected revenue and to live up to our strategic intent which is “committed to improving our client’s revenue cycle.”

ISP2167902Upon the establishment of a new client, all personnel dedicated to that client receive a client profile. This profile provides our personnel with the client’s demographics, business specialty, and the type of accounts that will be assigned. Our personnel also receive training on special policies or procedures specifically required by that client. Account Management Services is focused on providing the highest level of service to each of its clients. By implementing targeted programs that allow us to properly focus on each of our clients needs, we are able to process a significant volume of claims while ensuring that each claim receives the attention it deserves.