Our Healthcare Collection department frequently operates as an extension, or next or final phase of the receivables cycle. After the in-house billing department has exhausted its efforts, they turn to us. The benefits of a well-established, experienced receivables service can bring an immediate boost to the organization’s bottom line. We also can clean up your A/R and determine the real value in a portfolio. Classifying accounts allows the provider to obtain a clear picture of the work necessary to liquidate a portfolio. Choosing an agency specializing in the healthcare receivables cycle and all facets, including the aforementioned segments ensures all payment sources are pursued (i.e., exhausted) ¬†for maximum recovery while maintaining that critical provider/patient relationship and maintaining privacy and HIPAA compliance.


Our Consumer Collections department deals with consumers; primarily involving over-extended credit matters. In addition to traditional collection methods of professional phone and mail communications, this unit invests a significant amount of resources in skip tracing tools used to evaluate the value and “collectability” of the portfolios, as well as perform specific location and asset searches to generate new and updated consumer contact information. The skip tracing team conducts pre and post-litigation searches used in the overall process of liquidation. Where litigation is necessary, clients are always involved in the process to insure the intended outcome.


Our Commercial Collections department represents a variety of industries involving complex transactions, disputes, as well as unpaid and short pay invoices. These cases are handled only by veteran agents experienced in negotiating transactions involving medium to large balance claims. Typical areas include disputes involving contract defaults, disputed or incomplete projects, and performance issues. Each claim has its own set of challenges and this unit systematically seeks to uncover the core issues in the underlying dispute in an effort to resolve these claims.